Christmas Wishlist 2016

Christmas Wishlist 2016

Christmas is coming! And just like everybody else we have spotted some goodies that we really would like to get all wrapped in a beautiful paper on Christmas Day. Whoever Santa may by, we hoped he got the message. As for you, have a wee look at our Christmas wishlist!


Our Christmas wishlist

christmas wishlist

1. Red Lace Bralette and Briefs£19.99 and £7.99
Red is a color for Christmas. And for so many other things. Red is bright, cheerful, beautiful. I just love the color. And love this lingerie ensemble. I think it’s gorgeous. – C

2. Chelsea Boots – 70€
I’ve always wanted leather chelsea boots, but they can be a bit pricy, so I hope father Christmas will put a pair under the tree for me 😀 -K

3. Sleeveless burgundy dress – £39
I know I already have many many dresses but I really like this one. The back has a lacy details ad the skirt actually is a tutu. Glitter is a weakness of mine. Tutus are another one. I think this dress would be great for New Years Eve – C

4. iPhone 7 £599
This is quite a big present to ask for, so it will actually be a present from me to me. I’ve been holding onto my iPhone 4 for sooo long that I think it’s time I treaded it for a 7 and finally pass on my iPhone 4 to my mum 🙂 -K

5. Leather Camera Case – £22.99
I got a new camera for my birthday but don’t have a case for it yet. Instead of buying one myself I thought it would be a good thing to add on my Christmas list. I really like the old fashioned leather ones, and especially this one as you only need to take the top part off, so your camera is still a bit protected – K

6. Adidas Original White & Pink Stan Smith – £59
I have had my eyes on these sneakers for quite a while now but never got my hands on them. They were either out of stock or just not a priority. Now that Christmas is there, they are a priority again and got their place on my wishlist! – C

What about you? What is on your list this year?


See you soon, love

Corinne & Kirsty

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