Clubbing in London: Tiger Tiger

Clubbing in London: Tiger Tiger

While living in London, we have experienced some of the most popular clubs of the city. Like you do… So today we will focus on one club in particular and give you a full review on the club.

Corinne is the one that had the “pleasure” and “chance” to go to Tiger Tiger on night, a club in central London. And we must say that this was quite an adventure!…

It was a Saturday night of March. My flatmate, a friend of her, and I had cocktails in a bar in Marble Arch. Two hours later, a bit tipsy, we were heading to Tiger Tiger, on Piccadilly Circus. The night was still young. There was no queue. This should probably should have put us off or make us think that is was a bad sign but we really wanted to party all night long. The bouncers checked our ID with their super sophisticated scanner and we got in. There, things started to go down hill. Fast.

From the outside, the building looked quite nice. There was no official dress code. Yet, dresses and collar were recommended. The club had nothing that would make it a must-go or justify the excessively expensive entry charges. We paid £15 per person just to get in, to which we added £2 for the cloakroom.

We paid, quite reluctantly I must say, got in and headed over the basement where is located the cloakroom but more importantly, the bathroom. We left our coats and bags, made a quick trip to the bathroom and we were ready to shake our hips on the dance floor. Well, until 3 a.m.

Tiger Tiger is a rather big venue. There is no capacity limit and bouncers just let in anybody who can afford to pay enter charges. That is probably why the club was over crowded. The venue is divided into two floors. There was a lounge upstairs but my friends and I stayed downstairs for the bar and the dance floor.

The three of us got a drink and then we started dancing. Music was quite commercial. The same playlist the radio would play. There was so many people on the dance floor that we got separated. At one point, I ended up dancing alone, which was completely fine by me. Apparently it was not for guys around me. I think I’ve never been in a place were guys were so pushy. Honestly! I always thought that “no” was an easy word to understand but apparently not. In the end I conceived one dance to a really insisting guy. Enormous mistake. He followed me all night long. I really had a hard time getting rid of him.

That night, I swore I would never put one foot in that horrible place again. However, I gave it another chance few months later. Exact same scenario. The only difference is that my flatmate was sober and she realized why I had such a bad experience the first time.

I am what people call a party animal. I have been in many clubs in many cities but I never had such a bad experience. I am quite willing to pay to get somewhere as long as I know it is worth it. Well, all I can say about Tiger Tiger is that it is not the case. This club is clearly a place where guys go to get laid and are extremely annoying to anybody that is not in that state of mind. I am quite sure I was not the only girl in that situation those 2 nights. Bouncers let people in regardless of how many people are already inside. It is overcrowded with no room to dance.

To conclude, I would say Tiger Tiger is a terrible club. And quite touristy. As a matter of fact, most of the people there are international students, foreigners living in London or visiting and fresher’s. Entry is expensive. Guys are pushy. The general atmosphere is not good. The personnel are quite nice though. Anyway, I would not recommend that club to anyone, even people in London for a weekend. There are much better clubs people can go to, even on Piccadilly Circus.

Please, keep in mind that it was my own experience. Your may be completely different.

See you soon for another article!


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    • February 21, 2016 / 4:15 pm

      Hey Gemma. Thanks for your comment. In the end it was not a really nice experience but at least now I know. And then, it forced me to find other places to party in London and explore more the city 😉

  1. August 8, 2017 / 10:42 pm

    I completely agree I had a similar experience and Tiger Tiger is absolutely awful, its nearly as bad as Ruby Blues in central. That’s like a sausage fest and not in a good way either! x

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