Edinburgh Fashion Week

Edinburgh Fashion Week

There are quite a lot of Fashion Weeks out there. Some are quite famous, such as the “Big Four”, Paris, London, Milan and New-York. Others have existed for a long time but are really starting to get visibility just now: Rio di Janeiro, Johannesburg, Hong-Kong, etc. Others are quite young but still renowned in the industry. And some others just appeared.

Fashion Weeks are not just Fashion Weeks. They are like earthquakes! They storm the fashion industry and also the entire world. They are weeks during which future trends will be set. They are weeks during which retailers such as Zara or H&M will get inspiration for their future collection and make high fashion accessible. They are source of anxiety for designers, source of excitement for socialites, source of inspiration for others. They boost local economies. Not only fashion is involved but also hotels, catering, tourism, restaurants, newspapers, etc.

We always get awesome pictures from Fashion Weeks. Front pages of magazines and newspapers are just covered with them. Fashion bloggers are invited to fashion shows and share with their readers their experience. They make us dream. They make us want to go there to. I am sure attending a fashion week is a rather well shared dream amongst girls. Lucky me, I got to see that dream becoming true. Well, half-true, my ultimate dream being attending the London Fashion Week. I attending Edinburgh Fashion Week launch weekend.

Edinburgh Fashion Week is what we can call a new born in the time scale of fashion weeks. The first one took place last year and had so much success amongst newspapers, brands and bloggers that it had a second edition this year. The Fashion Week created partnerships with stores in the city which will showcase their collection, during the launch weekend.

The Fashion Week works by street. The Thistle Street Fashion Show will gather brands whose stores are located on Thistle Street, such as Kakao by K, Biscuit or Covet. The concept is the same for George Street Fashion Show with brands such as French Connection and LK Bennet. And so on with some other streets. There also are kids fashion shows, Edinburgh Collective fashion shows, a charity fashion show followed by an auction and a fashion show dedicated to the Edinburgh College of Art so that postgraduates can showcase their work.

Edinburgh fashion week

Kakao by K

I attended the Edinburgh Fashion Week Charity Fashion Show and the Edinburgh Collective Fashion Show.

The EFW Charity Fashion Show was in aid of Walk the Walk, which is a charity devoted to breast cancer awareness and research. It is also the official partner of this year fashion week. Walk the Walk is the body in charge of the MoonWalk Scotland, a sort of walked marathon that takes place every year and during which participants are encouraged to were bras instead of t-shirt.

As part of the partnership with Walk the Walk, the fashion show was all about bras, designed by Scottish celebrities, sports celebrities or designers such as Slanj Kilts, Barbour, Judy Murray, Mischke Lingerie, Judy R Clark and Hayley Scanlan. There were six bras in total. We got to sit on the front row. After checking our goodie bags and drinking our flute of Prosecco, we were ready for the show to begin.

The show was followed by a live auction for the six bras, a jacket designed by Scottish designer Elizabeth Martin, Scotland-France ruby game tickets and a picnic for four at Stobo Castle Ladies Day race event. All profits would be donated to the charity. The fashion show was really interesting. The six designers really got imaginative on the bras and the live auction was quite funny. This happened on the Saturday.

On Sunday, my friends and I got to go to the Edinburgh Collective Fashion Show. When we arrived, we had no idea which designers would showcase. They were kept secret until the last minute. It was then a total surprise. We had VIP access so we got to go to the VIP area, had some bubbles, a goodie bag full of little treats, the best of them being a Benefit mascara. After being photographed we reached our seats. Front row. Cool, huh?

The Edinburgh Collective Fashion show was actually a sort of summary of all the show of the weekend. All the brands selected two to six of their best styles and showcased them in one show. We got to see LK Bennet, Marina Rinaldi, House of Fraser, Jenner’s, Sam Brown, Oliver Bonas, Biscuit, Kakao by K, Pretty Green, Hogarth and Debenhams.

We saw really lovely pieces. Party dresses that could also fit a working environment, prom dresses to make feel us like princesses, fancy outfits, more casual styles, flowery dresses, colourful jackets and clutches… It really was a nice show. Both women and men collection hit the runway. The music, the light, the atmosphere, the people made it a really fun experience.

Edinburgh fashion week

Edinburgh Collective Finale

Of course it was not Paris or London. Of course it was not couture or high end fashion. Of course we did not see journalist from Vogue, Elle or Harper’s Baazar nor any fashion blogger with worldwide influence. It still was a really nice experience. My friends and I really enjoyed our weekend. We diversified our sources of entertainment and leisure, got to experience a Fashion Week for the first time, see beautiful pieces of clothes and collection, and got to spend some quality time altogether.

I think attending the Edinburgh College of Art fashion show would have been really interesting. Postgraduates and emerging fashion designers were showcasing their work. Unique, personal and creative work. What would have been the closest to couture. Since bloggers and attendees were massively tweeting and Instagramming this weekend, there was pictures of all the fashion shows. There also were pictures of the ECA Fashion Show and the designs were really cool. Colourful, imaginative, bold. I really would have loved to go to that show. Next year maybe.

So, verdict on the Edinburgh Fashion Week? If we had the opportunity to do it again, we’ll go without hesitation. We also hope that this kind of experience was more accessible and that other cities had their own fashion week, open to the public. Edinburgh did it so there are no reasons why other cities would not do it. If it happens in your city, don’t hesitate, go!

And this is a nice occasion to wear your most extravagant clothes! I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

See you soon for another post.


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  1. March 10, 2016 / 10:41 am

    I just went to the opening night of Melbourne fashion week in Aus and definitely wouldn’t hesitate to go again either, it was my first time going aswell and even though it wasn’t that big it was still so much fun x

    • March 10, 2016 / 11:03 am

      Always a good occasion to have some fun and discover new things! Glad you liked it! xx

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