February Favourites 2016

February Favourites 2016

February is coming to and end, so it’s time for a little beauty round up!

Like most girls I love shopping, buying and trying out new things. So today I will tell you all about my the products that I have been using and loving through out February.

As you can already see the main type of product I am going to talk about is makeup. So let’s get started, and let me tell you about my amazing discovery first!

1. Vichy Dermablend Foundation

foundation vichy dermablend

Vichy Dermatology

When it comes to foundation I’m quite a difficult person to please. If for a long time I had a flawless skin, at the end of high school my skin decided it wasn’t fair that I had a good looking skin. So I started to suffer from acne. Not nice. Anyway, after getting rid of that problem I had a second problem to deal with: acne scares. To be fair I don’t have a lot, but some areas of my skin are a bit red which isn’t nice. I have tried a lot of different foundations. All promising full coverage. All which didn’t do their job. After trying to keep my budget low, because makeup can become expensive, I decided to up my game a little and go for a more expensive (yet affordable) brand. I chose the Vichy Dermablend foundation and fell in love. At first I was a bit worried the bottle wouldn’t last long and that I would be buying it often and spending all my makeup budget just on foundation, but it appears that today I am still using the same bottle that I bought in December! Plus, it really covers your blemishes and scares, it also looks like my skin is clearer since I started using this foundation.

So if you struggle to find foundation that will cover you scares and blemishes I would recommend buying this one. I have a very pale skin so went for the Dermablend 15 Opal, it is a 30 ml bottle and costs £18, but as I said a little bit goes a long way, so I think it is worth it.

For the moment I live in France so I don’t know in which shops you can find this in the UK, but you can find it on FeelUnique.com just here.

2. Makeup Revolution Eye Shadow Palette 

makeup revolution redemption palette essential shimmers

Makeup Revolution London

I have to tell you that I love buying new eye shadows, even if I usually end up using the same colours everyday, you know, you can’t get enough eye shadows..

At first I wanted to buy a Naked Palette from Urban Decay but the price put me off a little. Not that it’s not worth it, but I didn’t want to spend as much money in something I might not like and not use often.

This is how I found the Makeup Revolution palettes. I got the Redemption Palette Essential Shimmers, the colours are natural and all go together so this is a good point and the second very good point is the price: £4… No I didn’t forget a 0 after the 4 or a 1 before it. This is the real price. No need to tell you I didn’t think much before buying it, and I have been using it everyday since then. The colours offer a lot of different combinations which is really nice, especially when you want to go on holiday, I now I can only take this palette and I will have all I need for everyday makeup and party makeup.

I usually use the 3 first light colours as a base and then just use one of the darker one in my crease and outer corner of my eye. The really dark colours are quite pigmented which is good when you are going out, and the others are less pigmented so are good for everyday but sophisticated makeup. The bronzy coppery color in the middle is also very nice along your bottom eye lashes to lighten up your eyes.

You can get this palette in any Superdrug store or only right here.

3. Burberry London

burberry london perfume bottle

Burberry London

I don’t know about you but find that there are 2 different categories of perfumes: wintery/autumn perfumes and summery/spring perfumes. So I usually have perfumes I only use in the winter and ones I only use in the summer. In the winter I really like warm scented perfume, perfumes that feel cosy (this may sound weird but this is really how I see things…), and this winter I rediscovered Burberry London. This perfume is just perfect as a winter perfume! I’d totally forgotten about it until my mom bought a bottle because she wanted to try it. She only got a small bottle but we are definitely getting a bigger one soon as we both love it.

4. N°7 Lipsticks

number 7 lipstick boots

Boots Makeup


Choosing red lipstick is something that I find tricky. I really wanted to give red lipstick a go but was afraid to choose a type of red that wouldn’t suit me. Until a walked into Boots one day and was offered I free diagnosis. What was this all about? For the launch of their nez makeup and skin care own brand Boots created this new “Makeup Diagnosis” to help people choose the right foundation and lipstick. Basically someone takes a close up photo of several areas of your face and the machine give a selection of lipsticks and foundation that matchs your skin tone.

After my diagnosis done it appeared that the lipstick shade that would suit me the best was the Soft Paprika one. After trying it I decided to get it, and have been loving it since. I went for the Moister Drench selection, because I find lipstick sometimes dries your lips.

They cost £9.95, which is a good price and you can find the entire collection in any Boots store or online right here.

5. “P” Chain Necklace

p chain necklace


Last but not least, one of the things I have been loving this month is my “P” Chain Necklace. I got this in Topshop and think it’s the cutest initial necklace ever. To be honest I am not a big fan of initial jewellery but this one really made me fall in love. It is simple and discrete, which I think makes its cute. The packaging is also cute, each initial has a little description. If your name starts with a “P” this is what they say about this initial:

“Very talkative and wise beyond your years. You are an exciting lover and know how to have fun.”

They don’t seem to sell it on their website, and don’t know if they still have them in shore, but you can find a similar one here.

What are your favourites this month?

See you soon, love


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