London: Things You Should Know Before Going Out

London: Things You Should Know Before Going Out

Last year was the first year we actually lived in England and more precisely in London, and got to experience a semi-student life as we were there for an internship.

If at first you think that a club is a place where people go to dance, drink and meet people, you could be quite surprise sometimes.

Clubbing in London

So here are a few things we have noticed while clubbing in London, and that you might want to know about before clubbing in London yourself!

1. You are not alone

One of the first things that we noticed was different is that you can never go to the bathroom alone. Not that the whole dance floor will follow you to sheer you once you’ve done what you had to do, but because in clubs in London you have a “Bathroom Keeper” (we don’t know if there is an official name for that job so we’ll just call those ladies & men Bathroom Keepers). If their main task is to keep bathrooms clean, uncrowned and to avoid people passing out or doing god knows what in the bathroom, she can also sell you a squirt of Chanel perfume, deodorant, hand cream or even sell you sweets. If you are used to this and plan to go clubbing in Paris or somewhere other than London don’t expect a kind lady to put soap in your hands and pat your hands dry after you’ve washed them. It won’t happen.

2. Who turned the light on?

The saying “party all night long” doesn’t seem to make sense in London, or maybe they take the saying to literally and consider that after mid-night it’s no longer the “night” but “morning”…. Either way don’t think you’ll be able to practice your best moves on the dance floor until 6am before heading for a takeaway breakfast with your friends, because clubs close at 3am. Yes you read well… 3am. Why? We don’t know, but this is quite disturbing because when in France you will head to the clubs around mid-night or 1am and leave the club at 5 or 6am, in London you have to get there around 10 – 10:30 pm in order to get in. Which leads to massive schedule replanning for the first nights out before you get used to it.

3. ”She’s fresh, she’s so fresh”

Like the song says (Kool and the Gang – Fresh, if you were wondering) one of the best things, if not the number one thing, about the good clubs in London is that they have air conditioning. And yes this makes a huge difference! You can literally spend 3 or 4 hours dancing and your makeup will be the same as when you came in. The times where you spent 3 our making your makeup look perfect for it to be smudge after 1 hour on the dance floor is over. Magic.

4. ID please!

Law is strict in the United Kingdom. Underage people are not allowed to buy cigarettes or alcohol. As such, they are not allowed in night clubs. However, youth being youth, who is twenty-four may look like being seventeen so for anyone looking under 25 years old, and anyone in general, bouncers check IDs. Some just have a look at your picture and birth date. Others have a super sophisticated machine that will check passports and national identity cards to make sure they are not fake. Yeah, we never are too careful. If in France or Italy, mincing would have been enough to get in, it is absolutely not the case in the United Kingdom. You have to have something proving your age. And I am not even sure your driving licence will do the trick. So before leaving home, make sure your ID is in your adorable glittery clutch.

Now you know!

See you soon for another post

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