Review of Betty and Biddy

Review of Betty and Biddy

A few weeks ago, I did a review of Skinnydip London. I described the brand’s pieces as colorful, bold, chunky, edgy, incredible… I could think of so many words. Another brand could be designated by those same terms. This other brand is Betty and Biddy, a Dublin-based costume jewellery and accessory brand, and will be the subject of today’s review.

I found out about Skinnydip London during my internship at London-based costume jewellery start-up Astrid & Miyu. Well, the same exactly happened with Betty and Biddy. As part of my brand assistant internship, I was looking for collaborations with fashion bloggers. Because A&M wanted to start expanding to France, my focus was on French bloggers or at least France-based bloggers.

While in the hunt for fashion or beauty bloggers to collaborate with, I discovered Meet Me In Paree. Check out this blog, it is really nice and her Instagram is stunning! At that time, she was quite often displaying the same necklace. A pink pastel chunky necklace. What a beauty. Love at first sight. I think I bought it almost right after spotting it on her Instagram. This necklace was from Betty and Biddy.

I have to be honest, when I first saw the brand’s website I had some doubts. Yes, the layout and visual effects are not really nice. It looks messy, unprofessional. I don’t want to be harsh, just tell my opinion. Compared to other jewellery websites with stunning layout, Betty and Biddy is not performing really well.

Review of Betty and Biddy


Anyway, passed my initial doubts and still so in love with that adorable necklace, I started looking for it. Betty and Biddy’s website organizes jewellery by name. The first I ordered was Patty, which is not available anymore. I think the style is on the website but in other colours. Back to Patty. The necklace looked great on Instagram and on the website’s pictures. I ordered it. Delivery anywhere in Europe is free, which is not common and quite great! I was living in London at that time and it took only few days to arrive.

Imagine my impatience when I saw the package waiting on my bed for me to open it. Well, to be honest, I got a bit disappointed. The necklace looked so great on the pictures. In reality, it looked quite cheap. I know most of the time costume jewellery can look like plastic but quite often they manage to make it look like it is not. Well, clearly it was not the case for Betty and Biddy. Apart from that, the necklace fills all promises. I also remember Kirsty borrowing it quite often!

After that, I used to check their website often I must admit. Always looking for nice pieces to shop. While I was still in London, I acquired Madeline, a Jackie O style necklace, with several layers of pearls. Back to my parents’ house in Normandy before heading to Edinburgh, I got Elly. Until then, I was pretty satisfied with my acquisitions.

While packing before moving to Edinburgh, I put all my Betty and Biddy necklaces in my luggage. They were so cool, there was no way I was leaving them behind. I got to Edinburgh, found a room, moved in, got to meet my flatmates and unpacked. What a horrible surprise to see Elly completely ruined. Although it may have been my fault in not packing it appropriately, I was still hoping to get an exchange. So I wrote to Betty and Biddy’s customer care. No reply. I sent a second email. Still no reply. Disappointing. Hopefully for me, I manage to fix the necklace and it now looks as new as it used to when I received it.

Review of Betty and Biddy


I know what you are thinking. Did I stop buying from Betty and Biddy? No. I am the kind of person that gives second chances. We never know what can have happened. My emails may have ended up in the spam box. So I decided to go over it.

My next purchase was the most adorable watch ever: Felix, a cat shape watch. So cute. Yet, when I ordered it, I realized I made a mistake in my postcode and was afraid it would never arrive so I emailed customer care to warn them. Once again, zero reply, which can prove quite irritating.

Have I given Betty and Biddy a third chance? Yes, my friends! With Joe! A watch with a blue, white and red striped fabric bracelet which was not working when I opened the package. To be honest, because I got no reply from the company the three times I emailed, I just gave up. The watch was only €10 and I couldn’t be bothered anymore.

My verdict? My opinion is quite mitigated. Although some of the pieces look really cheap, some other look way better in reality. They are all really trendy and chunky. I love to wear them. They are a really nice input to any of my styles. Yet, on the other hand, when I had trouble with the products, I never managed to get a reply for the customer service and I also ended up with a watch that was not working. There also never was an invoice in the package…

Review of Betty and Biddy


I spotted new pieces on the website and I really would like to buy them but I am not so sure anymore… I am not really exigent. I can understand a company’s policy does not allow an exchange in all circumstances but at least, I would have appreciated an answer to my emails.

This review is only expressing my personal opinion and many of you may have never encountered the troubles I have been through with Betty and Biddy. Lucky you and I hope it will stay that way.

Thank you for reading and see you soon for another post!




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  1. March 23, 2016 / 5:56 pm

    These products are very beautiful. That cat watch is very cute. I’ve seen a more monochrome colored one on the costume jewelry website Charming Charlie. I think when buying products online they should allow a return policy that is simple because you never know what to expect when you receive your products. I feel your pain!

    Heba xx || The Heba

    • March 23, 2016 / 6:59 pm

      Hey Heba. Thanks for reading and commenting. I actually think they have a return policy. They just never replied to my email. But well… can’t do much about it. Thanks again for passing by. xx

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