Review of Skinnydip London

Review of Skinnydip London

Those who read our “Who We Are” section know that I got a Master in Foreign Languages. As part of this degree, I had to do an internship in a company, in France or abroad. Since I love to travel and discover new places, I decided I should go abroad. I started interning for costume jewellery start-up Astrid & Miyu in London. I was mainly involved in marketing management and had to deal with social media strategies.

Astrid & Miyu has teamed up with a London-based accessory brand Skinnydip London. I actually inherited the organization of that competition from the previous social media intern that had just left. I was a new comer in the world of social media. The competition was taking place on twitter and there was few Skinnydip London iPhone cases and A&M midi rings to win. This was the first episode of a passionate love story between me and Skinnydip London.

The brand was founded in London in 2011 and is focusing on accessories such as bags, iPhone or iPad cases, headphones and techcessories. Their mission is to provide original products born from creative and inspired ideas.

Shell purses, take away box purses, mask purses, bottle, mug, planet, clutches and tote bags, transparent or glittery, with bees, unicorns or flamingos or Clown Krusty’s face. iPhone and iPad covers, laptop skins, USB cables, headphones covered with glitter and rhinestones, etc. Everybody can find something they like and it is really hard not to buy everything.

Skinnydip cover

iPhone Spectrum case

Although I had discovered the brand back in March 2015, I did my first purchase last October. Why? Well, first, I was playing on a Nokia Lumia for which there was no cases available. Second, I was in London just for the four remaining months of my internship and could not accumulate too many things I would have to carry in the Eurostar when going home.

We all know how fragile are iPhones. When I got my iPhone, I needed a cover. I did not want something mainstream, something common. I wanted something original, something funny. Well, I got what I wanted with Skinnydip. My cover was made of transparent plastics and decorated with loads of shiny and colourful jewels. So bling. I love it! Another case I got was also made of transparent plastic but was covered with comic bubbles containing short words such as “no”, “OMG”, “as if!”, etc.

I have to say that I am super satisfied with my purchase. Depending on my mood, I change phone cover. They are really easy to remove from my phone and are rather resistant. Also, I don’t know if I just hallucinated or invented that quality but once, my phone dropped on the road and did not fall on the screen side! I did not fall on the screen side but on the back side. Dance of joy!

That day I realized that first, I was willing to stay on the middle of the road while cars were coming towards me just to grab a phone and second that my phone with a Skinnydip cover was challenging gravity! The “toast covered with Nutella” curse is not applicable to iPhones wearing Skinnydip covers!

skinnydip london bag

Blue strip mini lady bag

My purchase history with Skinnydip London does not stop with iPhone covers. I also got a small purse. Yes, the blue one on the picture below, with that pink and blue fluffy pompon! Such a beauty! Really! Quite convenient with this little inside pocket in which I can hide ID, credit card and cash when I go clubbing. As opposed to many adorable clutches, the shoulder strap leaves hands free. Dancing is then easier.

I love the different shades of blue and grey. The size is perfect and allows to fit a rather good number of things. It goes with any outfit, any style. The texture is really nice, does not look nor seems cheap. The quality is also really good and worth the price. This bag is my new party buddy.

I spend some time exploring the brand’s website, spotting pieces that are really nice, keeping them in the back of my mind for when I have more money, falling in love with all these bold and colorful designs. Such a story.

To finish, I would highly recommend the brand for all the reasons mentioned above but I am sure I could find many more. Oh yes, another one! Students! You can get a 20% discount at the checkout. Isn’t it perfect?


Hope you like this post.

See you soon for another review or tales of mine.


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    • March 5, 2016 / 10:17 am

      We are obsessed too! So hard when I go to Topshop and I see their stall and just want to buy everything. Thanks for stopping by. xx

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