Review of Vinted

Review of Vinted

There are a lot of second hand clothes website out there. I never was a big fan of ebay. Rules on copyrights and counterfeiting are often not respected by users. The website does not do much about it. I could not say how many times I read a complaint from someone that thought was buying an authentic Speedy bag from Louis Vuitton but actually ending up with a copy. Dodgy. I have not been on the website for years.

I sold few things on Videdressing and bought some others. Yet, I quickly lost interest. I would not be able to explain. This is quite a shame because there are both affordable brands and higher-end brands available on the website.

Vestiairecollective is also an alternative. Yet, when you are a student (like me) without a steady revenue (like me) or just on a budget (also like me) you can’t really afford what’s on the website. Or you have to save money for five months and eat pasta the five following months.

Happily, there is Vinted!

What is Vinted? It is a second hand clothes website. It also does have an app. You can log in with your Facebook details or regularly creating an account. Really convenient. The app is available in almost all languages and so is the website. Obviously, on the English website, you’ll be trading with Britain residents, on the French website with France residents, etc. si I am not sure you’ll be able to buy from another country. Each website is then different in terms of users and products. Finding out about Vinted has been a revolution for me. Here how it all started and how it works.

Review of Vinted

Vinted community map

My friend Lola introduced me to Vinted in March 2015. The both of us met at the university of Lyon when we were doing our undergraduate degree. I was doing my internship in London and she was doing a one-year degree in the center of France. She was visiting me in London for a long weekend (of shopping, walking around, going to the museum and clubbing). She had a crush on a pair of Reebok trainers that she really wanted to acquire. Since she was broke, she was not able to purchase them. What she did was to sell her Adidas Stan Smith on Vinted to get some money to buy the Reebok. That’s is how I found out.

To be honest, I did not start to use the website right away. I uploaded the app. Yet, being French, my app store had the French interface and the app was also the French one. Since I was living in London, it was not making great sense for me to use it. I found out there was an English version, which I could access from my computer. I logged in with my Facebook details and there was it. I created my account, entered my address and preferences. Easy.

I was quite surprised at first. The website is really easy to use, the search engine quite efficient and filters really good. Also, most of the clothes are cheap. So cheap! Really! Which is great! I found so many treasures: gorgeous dresses for less than ten pounds, skirts for less than five, amazing shoes, etc. Even with the delivery fees, the final price was still less than the cheapest t-shirt at H&M. And the condition of the clothes has always been really good. Except once, but I guess those kind of things always happen.

The process works as follow. You spot a piece of clothing you really like. You can either add it to your ‘favorites’ to buy it later or buy it right away. You can negotiate the price of the item, making an offer to the seller and try to lower the price. Most of the users are open to offers. Once the final price have been agreed on, negotiated or not, here come the payment. There are several ways of payment: credit cards, paypal or Vinted credit from previous sales. You can also choose your delivery methods: standard with or without tracking number. You’ll receive a notification when the seller will have sent your item and will have to mark it as received when arrived at yours.

Review of Vinted

Vinted mobile app

Users can be followed and also assessed. At the end of each sale, you will have the opportunity to leave feedbacks, which I really advise to do, whether they’d be positive or negative. Sellers are assessed on their ability to communicate, their speed of sending the item, the condition of the product, etc. Buyers can also get a review. It may sound useless to review buyers but it is not! The more positive feedback you get, the more people will trust you and be encouraged to trade with you. You may be buyer one day and seller the next day.

So far, and I think you got it, I have been using Vinted a significant amount of times. My list of favorites contains more than a hundred items that I am keeping for later. And also because I have some doubts about some of them, in terms of size and how it would look on me. I happened to order pieces of clothing that did not fit but they can’t be returned. That is the only flaw of the website. It is second hand so it is understandable. However, if the piece does not match description and quality expectation, I guess it can be sent back.

I never had major problems with the website. The community is really helpful. In case of issue, there is a forum allowing discussion, users are really friendly and flexible. The website has a strong counterfeiting policy meaning that items branded luxury must be accompanied by a picture of the receipt or certificate to make sure it is not fake. As a result, you will extremely rarely see a Chanel or Celine item… as opposed to eBay where controls are not that strict.

This website is worthy of trust. The items are cheap but still in good condition. Quite worth your money I think. It’s like going to a second-hand shop but online and with a wider range of choice. I would advise you to give it a try! Yet, I am sure most of you already have!

Thank you for reading and see you soon for another post


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