How To Rock The Pencil Skirt

How To Rock The Pencil Skirt

Some companies are really flexible with regards to dress codes. Some others aren’t. I work for the latter kind of companies. I had to renew my entire wardrobe to make it corporate appropriate. However, I quickly realized that black and white working classics can quickly become boring. The usual pencil skirt becomes amazing only because you chose to make it amazing. So here is how I styled mine for the office!

All corporate environment are not as stricts. Yet, I must always be careful with my outfits. Although you should never judge a book by its cover, clothes always help to make a good impression. Since I started to work, I tried to combine both cheap and higher-end pieces.

I choose to style the pencil skirt with a common light burgundy shirt from Primark and a black blazer that I have been having for ages. You must have probably spotted it already in my “How to style the little black sequin dress” post. I accessorized the outfit with open-toes black pumps from Miss KG and sterling silver jewelry. To finish, I choose a grey handbag from H&M because I think it was really elegant and corporate-like.

The outfit is still classic. I haven’t gone crazy with the accessories. In a corporate environment, sobriety is important. At least, this is what I heard. Yet, you can be more creative and go for statement necklaces or bolder shoes. As long as your choice complies with your company’s dress code, you can do anything!

Rock the pencil skirt

pencil skirt

pencil skirt

Pencil skirt

pencil skirt

pencil skirt

pencil skirt

Blazer: 3 Suisses (Old Collection)
Pencil Skirt: H&M
T-shirt: Primark
Handbag: H&M (Old Collection)
Shoes: Miss KG (Old Collection)
Jewellery: Astrid &,

Thanks for reading. I hope you liked this post and found useful advice on how to style a pencil skirt.

See you soon.


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  1. November 5, 2016 / 9:12 pm

    Wow such a lovely Outfit! 🙂
    Looks amazing! 🙂

    • November 5, 2016 / 9:14 pm

      Thank you for your lovely comment. We are glad you like it! Thanks for reading! xx Corinne & Kirsty

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