The Sakaré Cosmetics Experience

The Sakaré Cosmetics Experience

Hello lovelies & welcome back to the blog! Sunday is a cosy day. A day we like to spend at home, either pampering ourselves or drinking a hot chocolate all snuggled up in front of a good DVD. Or both! So today Kirsty is going to talk about a cosmetics brand she came across not long ago, Sakaré, which offers dreamy products to take care of your skin & nails… If you like that idea keep on reading!

Two weeks ago I spent a girl’s day in Paris with my mum and two of her friends (hi Robin if you are reading this! x). As you may have guessed this day was mostly spent shopping and walking around cute little streets.


While walking down one of those cute little streets and passing by a shop we hadn’t really noticed we were approached by one of the salespersons with a freebie. At first I was like “yeah whatever..” but then he invited us in for a demonstration that would apparently amaze us. “Well we’ll see about that!” I thought, as it takes quite a lot for me to be impressed about beauty products (as I think I’ve seen it all already, or don’t believe what I see on TV haha). And that’s where the adventure began. Because boy it was an adventure! And quite a funny one too.


The product he wanted to show us was a nail buffer. Yeah ok, we’ve all seen them before! What could this one possibly do more? But let my tell you that this one is like the God of Nail-Bufferville! I’ve never seen my nails shine so much.

The buffer is sold as part of a Nail Kit that also contains a cuticle oil, a hand & body lotion and a nail file. We got to try this kit for free, and I really enjoyed the products. So as my mum & her friends (and that’s how we ended up buying a kit each… what a good seller!).


After that we were invited to try another product, that I also really love (but my conscience told me not to buy it, if you see what I mean). This product was the Deep Cleansing Salt Scrub. I thought body scrubs couldn’t get any better these days but this one is number one on my list now! It leaves your skin so soft you wouldn’t believe it.


All products come in 3 different scents: Patchouli, Passion & Ocean. I got a Nail Kit in the scent Passion and my mum in the scent Patchouli, as we couldn’t make up our minds. That way we can enjoy both 😀 As I said, these products are a bit on the pricy side, but I think that if you are looking for good quality products or a nice present for someone that enjoys skincare products these are perfect! The packaging is really nice and as I said the quality is good.

They also have other products available but these are the ones that I loved the most. Other than the products I also really liked the shop itself. All the products where really well presented and I liked the fact that it looked like a little workshop where you can try the products and not just an ordinary shop.

I will do another post where I talk more in details about the Nail Kit, with before and after photos & how to use each product. So if you are interested in reading more about Sakaré stay tuned!

Did you already know about Sakaré? Which is your favourite skincare brand?

See you soon! Love,


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