What’s In My Travel Bag

What’s In My Travel Bag

I talked a lot about it already. I am going on a (well-deserved) holiday. After three days of fun in London last week and a hectic week this week (interviews in London, Glasgow, and Edinburgh), I am heading to Corsica. Sunday morning, take off at 6.35am, this is gonna be hard. But oh-so worth it!

I am staying in Corsica for ten days. I will enjoy the sun that we’ve been missing here in Edinburgh. One plane to Nice and one night on the ferry to Bastia. I can’t wait. Yet, I must keep myself busy during the travel… How? Well, you’ll find out soon enough, along with my travel essentials!


What’s in my travel bag

  • My laptop: I am writing my master’s dissertation. It is almost done but I still need some polishing and proof reading. I will probably have to change a few bits after my supervisor sends me her feedback. I will also have to keep social media as well as the blog updated so I’d better have my laptop with me.
  • My iPhone: I would not have left it. I know holidays are for relaxing and I must take a vacation from smartphones and other games (Pokemon GO – cough cough) but come on… I need my phone so that I can Instagram you all the amazing things I’ll be doing in Corsica! Since I am in the application process of several companies, I must be reachable so that I know if I have secured a job (or not).

travel bag

  • My magic pouch: It is where I put all my beauty and intimate essentials. Now you know why it’s magic! Lip balm, sanitary towels, extra underpants, hand cream, cleaning gel… We never know! It can always be useful! Especially when traveling.
  • My travel essentials: If you want to leave the country, your passport is essential. I don’t want to be stuck in Scotland while my brothers and sister are having a blast down south under the sun, so I’d better not forget my passport. This lucky one got his own white and blue geometric cover from Trendz. The passport cover comes with a large travel wallet in which I can put all my other essentials: credit cards, student cards, driving licence, money, flight and train tickets, etc. With a matching suitcase tag.
  • My Summer Readings: This year, I’ll be reading Go Set a Watchman from Harper Lee (sequel to To Kill A Mockingbird) and Revenge Wears Prada from Lauren Weisberger (sequel to The Devil wears Prada). I’ll be flying for two hours and a half, then wait an entire afternoon before boarding on the ferry, spend one night on board and then drive down south to Porto-Vecchio… Loads of time to read right? Two books are more than enough and I’ll probably finish them off on the beach!
  • My notebook: I usually have my best ideas in the worst possible moments, like when I have no way to write it down. On the treadmill for example. Now I know. I always take a notebook with me so that if I have a brilliant idea (or not), I can write it down and actually remember it! Obviously, the pen comes along…
  • My sassy sunglasses: Do I really need to explain? I am going to Corsica. Where it is hot and sunny! So, yeah, I need some protection. And is there a better, more kick-ass pair of sunglasses than those beautiful marble pair from Coconut Lane? I doubt that! And also because I am short-sighted (equivalent to blind), I also need my normal glasses… In case I want to drive (yeah, having a car accident because I can’t see above twenty meters is pretty stupid).

travel bag

So yeah, here we go… I think I got everything. All my essentials are here, ready to be packed, put in my bag and to go on an adventure! Oh gosh, as I already said, I can’t wait!

Any other essentials in your travel bag? Apart from the bag itself of course!


Hope you liked this post.

See you soon.


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