Who We Are

Long presentations are boring. So here are 10 facts about us if ou want to get a global picture of who were are.


1. Corinne is my second name
2. My first name is Marie
3. People usually call me Masha
4. I was born in June 1992
5. I have a MSc in management
6. I’m fluent in English & Italian
7. I’ve lived in France, Italy, New Zealand & England
8. I live in London
9. Books are a hobby, creative writing a passion
10. I used to be a party animal

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1. Kirsty is my second name
2. My first name is Perrine
3. I was born in August 1992
4. I’m half British, half Canadian
5. Some of my guilty pleasures include 1D and Made in Chelsea
6. I have 2 tattoos and 3 piercings
7. I currently live in France but have lived in England
8. I have a master degree in Languages and International Business
9. I started ballet at 5 years old
10. Adventures & parties are always a good idea to my mind

My Instagram: Who we are